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I just found a half-finished comic from almost two years ago, so I went ahead and completed it even though the joke is nothing but “reversal of two famous Exorcist moments.” I couldn’t let all these demons go to waste.

Hell is probably one of the most fun things ever to draw. There’s just no limit to what you can put in there. Maybe I should do a whole hell comic some day.

Fucking awesome.


This is The Name of The Wind. Buy it.

The Name of The Wind is my book suggestion of the year. I read it about six months ago and I’m still thinking about it. It is the best book I have read in years, fantasy or otherwise. 

The Name of The Wind needs to be the next book you read. And the next book after that, I can guarantee, will be the second in the Kingkiller Chronicles “The Wise Man’s Fear.”

I am a Harry Potter fan, you probably are a Harry Potter fan as well. But, in the years since you read Harry Potter, you’ve grown up a bit. This is the book that Harry Potter fans have been looking for. It’s not a book for Harry Potter fans…it’s just a book that I think people who loved Harry Potter and are now in their 20s or 30s would REALLY REALLY ENJOY.

I bought this book because I was in the book store and I tweeted “BOOK SUGGESTIONS PLEASE” and about 12 people suggested it. I am so thankful to those 12 people. 

The world is so deep, the stakes are so high, the characters so real, the mysteries so magical, the magic so mysterious, the plot so twisty…every day you haven’t read it is a day in your life that could be better. 

I do not take this review lightly…buy this book. Buy it now. On Amazon or, preferably, at your local book store.

If you love The Name of The Wind, reblog.










DC comics asks prospective artists to sexualize suicide

In order to participate in DC’s latest talent search, you have to draw a female character committing suicide naked.

I’m gonna assume I don’t have to explain what’s fucked up about this.

But guys, they left an open submission form on their page! They claim they will personally review every submission!

I see this as an opportunity to spam their box with a Hawkeye-Initiative style inversion of genders. Give them a naked Superman committing suicide, or just give them a bunch of pics of Superman’s ass, whatever.

I say we make this viral and shame them out of this talent search.

my soul is flying into fucking space.

Is DC pranking us? Because lately they are being BEYOND usual dc shittiness. They’re reaching new fucking levels here.


is anyone else going to point out that all of those things are too high concept and detailed and shit to fit into 1 page?

also I can barely read that text because it makes my face start hemorrhaging soul pieces. those are the most embarrassing fucking words I’ve ever seen put together. Did Palmiotti write this? I want to know who fucking wrote this, who approved it, and who was in the room when it happened. I want everyone involved brought before me because I have some fucking questions.

I think I’m done with DC now. I….done. I’m out. I’m fucking out. Send me Marvel comics reccs, I heard they have gay marriage there.

#i have an actual tag called “dc depression”

Beginning to think DC should just rebrand themselves “Asshole Comics” and be done with it. At least then there’s no illusion they’re hiding behind pretending to be accepting and good.

I never read good things about DC any more. They just don’t seem to exist.

I…what…oh for fuck’s sake guys! I hope this is some prank or fake out by someone not at DC for a cheap laugh coz if this is real, this is not ok. I agree with the OP we should flood this with hawkeye-inititive type stuff. We need to make some noise about this and let them.know we wouldn’t stand for it.

Nope, I’m afraid this is 100% real.

Perhaps we should also note that the sexualisation of suicide aside, illustrating this page will in no way show whether or not an artist is capable of drawing comics. These are four static, essentially unrelated panels…it’s effectively a series of pin-ups. It doesn’t test an artist’s storytelling abilities whatsoever. Also, there is no dialogue or captions, so it’s not testing to see if an artist is considers test placement when they draw a page. There’s a single character in each panel, and no dialogue, so they’re not testing to see if an artist understands that the first speaker in a panel needs to be on the left. This is 100% style over substance, this is not testing someone’s ability to create sequential art, it’s testing their ability to draw pretty pictures…pretty pictures of a woman attempting suicide…who is gratuitously naked in one panel.

Whether you find it offensive or not (and I do), it is not fit for purpose as a test of a comic book artist’s abilities, and that is, in many ways, more shocking than the nature of the content.

First Batwoman can’t marry her girlfriend and now this shit? Come on, DC. What happened. Has everybody there drank the koolaid? How do decisions like this continue to get made? This is outright disgusting and they should be ashamed.




EDIT: here’s the blog made by DC about this

I spoke to Jimmy Palmiotti about his choices with the script and this is what he had to say:

My full initial response was:

This is awful. How is this page representative of an artist’s talent? Without more explanation like you’re showing here, its just four panels of Harley Quinn committing suicide over and over again. You can see how this would upset people. Especially if you want Harley to have a POSITIVE impression on fans and more importantly the women who are steadily refusing to read DC Comics. How come she couldn’t have a bank heist story? A one page origin story? Immediately and I’m assuming without thought, the contest holders went to something as sensitive as SUICIDE. Do you not realize that women already are being refused well written story-lines that don’t involve their romance with men, they’re being over sexualized, and NOW, they’re just killing themselves because “Oh it’s funny. She’s breaking the fourth wall”. INCORRECT. TRY AGAIN.

Looney Toons, guys. That’s what women are nowadays. just silly animals. 

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